Friday, March 30, 2012

Twine and Moss Basket for Easter

I was at a dollar store browsing their Easter items when I saw a nice, normal, standard basket that my son could use for Easter.  Plus, BONUS, it came in green!  His favorite color.

As I was looking at this wonderfully plain green dollar store basket, I got an itch to do something special with it.  I happened to have some moss and twine left over from a gorgeous "Feather the Nest" shower that we threw last month, so I broke out the glue gun and got started.

Sheet moss, jute twine, glue gun, scissors and a basket

I started at the bottom, because I didn't want to run out of twine before I reached the bottom, had I started from the top.  And I knew I wanted the moss to rim the top, so I thought it'd be safest to start from the bottom and work my way up.  I plopped down some glue and pressed the end of the twine down until it was firmly adhered to the basket.

Applying glue every inch or so, I pressed the twine along the previous row and pull down and hold until set (just a few seconds or so).

I finally had enough twine wrapped around the basket, leaving room for the moss edge.  I clipped the twine and glued it on.  Then I cut strips of moss. 

I slightly dusted off the back of the moss and used LOTS of glue applied to the basket, and pressed the strips of moss onto the basket. 

Once the moss was applied, I noticed that A LOT of the green from the original basket was showing, so I took some leftover twine and glued it onto the rim of the basket until they held.

Ah, much better...

Then I looked for bare spots in the moss, and tore off pieces of similar shaped moss to glue on and patch it up with.

Bare spot

Bare spot, covered with moss
Now for the inside of the basket.  I knew that I wanted moss on the bottom of the basket, but I didn't like how it looked on the sides, so I rummaged around and found some feathers to line it with. 

Again, lots of glue on the basket, pressing down the feathers until they stick.

Then I cut out some moss from the sheet into an oval shape and glued it to the bottom of the basket.  I also didn't like how the green on the handle showed, so I glued twine to the top of the handle, as well. 

And voila!

Add eggs and you'll be all set for Easter!  

After Easter, it might look good on my mantle, too!

I'd love to see what you've created for Easter!  Please leave a comment and/or a link!

Happy Easter!  

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So pretty, Julie!

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