Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Present"ation - Superhero Birthday - Superman

I love, love, love matching the birthday present wrapping with the theme of the birthday party, and the colors on the invitation.  I've even started painting wooden crates to match baby shower or birthday party themes or even the birthday kid's room, but I'll save that for another blog posting. 

My son was invited to a fellow preschool friend's birthday party, and the theme was "Superheroes", so I decided to wrap the gift like the ultimate superhero, Superman!  

I used a plain blue wrapping paper, which you can purchase at Party City, in the greeting card aisle.  In fact, they have a huge variety of plain colored wrapping paper.  The possibilities are endless! 

I found a "J" Superman symbol HERE and printed it out onto a piece of cardstock, cut it out and taped it down onto the front of the gift, since the birthday boy's name is "Jack".

Flying the "Super Present" out to the car.
The cape:
I took a sheet of red tissue paper and, lengthwise, taped it to the top of the box (folded like a paper fan), to represent the cape. 

I didn't get a picture of the present in the present pile when we arrived at the party, but it was pretty fun!  

Once there, every kid got their own superhero cape to take home.

 It was a "Super party"! 


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