Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Customer Feedback: Shark Fin Tutorial

If there's one thing I love, out of many, it has to be receiving happy feedback from my Etsy shop customers!

This morning I received a wonderful note from a customer, regarding the shark fin tutorial that she'd purchased from my Etsy shop.  She's used the tutorial to make these gorgeous fins, in colors to coordinate with her party theme, for her son's adorable 4th birthday party!

"Hi Julie! Just wanted to say THANKS for the super helpful and super adorable shark fin tutorial. My son's shark party, including your awesome fins, are featured over on Love and Lion today!"

Her feedback totally made my day!  And her party styling looks amazing!  Go check it out!  Her party, and the shark fins that she created using my tutorial, are featured here, on Love and Lion: 

Cutest shark I've seen all day!

Check out that wreath, too!  Looks like someone's been chumming the water!

Have a jawsome day! 


Friday, October 3, 2014

Glitter-fied Starbucks Cup Tutorial

I did it!! I finally glitter-fied my Starbucks cold cup!!  I've been wanting to do this for at least a year!

These "screw-apart" cold cups are hard to find.  They just don't make them like this anymore.  If you see the cold cups for sale in Starbucks, they won't screw apart into two cups.  So, if you do find some, hoard them all and sell them on eBay for $100 each! 

I know that there are many tutorials out there on how to get your double-cup all glittery, but here's mine.  So simple!

Gather your supplies: 
Double-cupped Starbucks (or any drink cup that unscrews)
spray glue
glitter (the bigger the better, I used fine glitter, but I think I would have gotten a better effect if I'd used larger glitter)
painter's tape

Tape off the inside top rim of the outer cup (not the inner cup), so that the glitter doesn't get into the grooves of the screw-on cup rims.

Spray the glue into the interior of the outer cup. Don't get it on the outside of the cup, or you will have problems. "I got 99 problems and this ain't one!"

Then apply your glitter down the sides of the cup. I tried to be tricky and do it in stripes, but you can't really tell. If you use more than one color glitter, use the one you want to show the most first!

Let dry, take off the tape:


Have an awesomely glitter-fied day!

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