Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Patch for my Favorite Jeans

American Eagle jeans are my absolute favorite brand of jeans. They are so soft and comfy!

My jeans originally came with a couple of holes, but they had "strings" across the opening and weren't gaping open.  Then one day I looked down to see an unshaven leg patch hanging out of the gaping hole in my jeans, it was then that I decided it needed to be patched. 

Perfect timing because my sewing machine was ready to go!  I grabbed a fabric scrap and made sure that it fit behind the hole:

Pinned it in place:

Turned my jeans inside out:

Double-checked the placement:

Trimmed away the excess fabric:

Unpinned the patch:

Adhered double-sided, washable, non-sticky-for-the-sewing-machine tape, made by Stitch Witchery:

Reapplied the patch:

Flipped my pants back to right-side-out:

Used a light blue thread and sewed across the patch in zig-zag stiches, making sure to sew past the patch and onto the denim:

And voila!

I can wear my favorite jeans again! 

I think I'm liking this whole new world of sewing!  


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do you have more details on this tape? Is it the fusible stuff you need to iron?

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