Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We Have Lift-Off

I took a cue from Jessa over at Happily Home Sewn and posted a "Follow that Helmet" map in the right hand column. She makes these super cute capes and sells them in her Etsy shop. I noticed on her blog she tracks them on Google Maps. I've always wanted to see a compilation of where my helmets have traveled to, so I hope she doesn't mind that I stole her idea! Take a look in my right-hand column. And if you scroll on the map, you can see that there is a helmet in France and 2 in Australia! I've even sent a helmet to Canada with Canadian flag stickers on it, instead of my standard US flag stickers!

View Little Astronauts Around the World in a larger map


Jessa said...

So. very. COOL!!!

Wow, you're helmets are all over! That's awesome!

Thanks for the awesome mention of Happily Home Sewn!

Jessa said...

Also cool, when I clicked on the map I clicked right on our Denver pin! Spooky!

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