Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My First Nordstrom Event, with Rags to Stitches

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Alissa, from Rags to Stitches, invited me to a fashion event at Nordstroms. Called Personalize Your Style, this event was made for me. A personal stylist?  Who will show me what's out there in this scary fashion world?  Who will show me what might actually look good on me?  AND help me stay with in my budget?  Plus, CHILD CARE?   I'm pretty sure a mom set this thing up.  Can you say, "ALISSA" from Rags to Stitches?  That's who set this up.  Thanks, Alissa!

This was perfect timing, because without even looking, I was pretty sure I didn't have anything to wear to Blog Sugar the next weekend. Everything I have is either old, ratty and out of style or too small. Anyone looking in my closest would pretty much come to the conclusion that I am no fashionista.  So, I was really looking forward to this opportunity to be a tiny bit more fashion-forward. 

The event was being held at Nordstrom, Fashion Island, and Stevie, was our stylist that day.  She had a rack of amazing selections to show us.  Including accessories.  And I loved how everything mixed and matched. 

I'm a plain Jane kind of a girl, so I wasn't looking for anything too flashy.  Can you tell?  Look at the color pallet of my selections:

I finally decided on this color block shirt, which was cut just right and I love the colors.  So excited to wear it at Blog Sugar!  Here's a sneak peak:

And what's a trip to Fashion Island, without a pit-stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes.  They were giving away cupcakes that day.  Couldn't miss out on that! 

Thanks again for including me, Alissa!  I'm looking forward to the next one!

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Rags to Stitches said...

Aww this is so great Julie! I'm so glad you had fun. It turned out to be a great event! Thanks for sharing it with your readers.

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