Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How My Etsy Shop Came To Be

UPDATE! I've now created a new Etsy shop:
I will soon be transferring all of my items from my "Luminous Moon" shop to my new "Project: Mommie" shop!

My # 1 goal is to have a successful creative business which will allow me to stay home with my son.  Around this time last year, I was fretting about how I was going to have a birthday party for our soon-to-be 3-year-old son and not blow our budget.  I wanted his party to be unique and special, and to really stand out.  However, we had almost no budget to do so.  It was then that it hit me!  I was going to challenge myself to throw a nearly-free birthday party!  I used whatever resources I had to hand-make his entire party, down to the invitations and the party favors; also using my negotiation skills, free resources, swapping connections and plain old bartering skills to obtain the items I needed.  Once I had made that decision, there was no stopping my creative flow!  I was in my element!  His party was a sucess and from there my Etsy shop was born.  I've since added my blog, Facebook page and even send out a few tweets, now and then. 
I'll also be adding items as I go from other parties that I've thrown or have assisted with. I love designing and creating for these events and am my happiest self when doing so!

Happy browsing!

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