Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Rocket "Goody Bag" Containers Made From Pringles Cans

For my son's 3rd birthday party, we decided to do a space theme!

One of the ideas I saw floating around the internet were some rockets made out of coffee cups. But I needed a taller container, because I'd wanted to add a coloring sheet to the goody "bag". That's when I had the idea to use Pringles cans instead!

How To:

Gathering the Cans:
I needed about a dozen "goody bags" made from Pringles cans, so I posted a "Wanted" ad on my local Freecycle group. In less than a week, I'd received about 10 cans, from different sources. 1 or 2 cans here, 3 or 4 cans there, so I ended up only having to buy 2 more.

I collected and cleaned them.

Weird that there wasn't one single repeat flavor.

I wrapped and glued some leftover scrapbook paper to the cans.

But you can buy coordinating colors at the store!  Especially colors to match your party theme!

I cut out the cones and fins.

Punched out some circles in coordinating colors, of course, to use for the portals or windows.

Add a ribbon handle.


Now fill up with space, astronaut and rocket themed party favors!

Star and planet crayons, in a cellophane bag with party favor tag

Wrist rockets
Coloring page and rocket themed comic book
And you can even use them as decorations for the party!  Then hand them out as the party guests leave.

This entire project was low cost, as I only paid $2 for the 2 cans, received the glue for free and the rest of the materials, like the paper, were from Freecycle and I also already had scotch tape and some sheets in my scrapbooking supply.

I just posted a very detailed how to DIY tutorial in my Etsy shop, complete with templates and a troubleshooting guide on how to make these containers: HERE

If you make these for your party, please post links to your blog in the comments session! 

Have fun!

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